I want my child to study at The Educators. How do I apply?
For detailed information on studying at The Educators including admission procedure, age limit, fee discounts & concession, see the section Admission Procedure.

What is the fee structure at The Educators?
The fee structure ranges from PKR 1980– PKR 4480 per month, depending upon the location and capacity of the school. Registration fee and the admission fee is charged one time at the time of admission.

What financial support do you offer to The Educators students?
Please see the Fee Discounts & Concession in the section Admission Procedure.

Do you accept transfer students?
The Educators offers the facility of Inter-city and Intra-city transfer from one school campus to another in “THE EDUCATORS” network of schools. For detailed information see the section Migration & withdrawal.

When was The Educators founded?
The Educators was launched in 2002 and has since grown into a vast network of pre-schools, primary and secondary schools across Pakistan. Today, The Educators extends its unique learning experience to over 175,000+ students in 800+ branches located in 225+ cities of Pakistan, making it the largest network in the country. For detailed information about the group see section About Us.

How many campuses of The Educators are there in Pakistan?
There are 800+ campuses of The Educators’ pre-schools, primary and secondary schools across Pakistan.

When does term start?
The academic year at The Educators starts from February every year. The year is divided into two terms. Since we have grown into a vast network of 800+ branches spread over 215 cities, we have divided our schools into two zones. For detailed information see the section Academic Calendar.

Where can I find a map of The Educators’ campuses?
To locate our campuses, see section Locate Us. This map can guide you with directions to reach our campuses from just anywhere.

How do I contact The Educators Head Office? What is the address and telephone number?
The Educators head Office, 10-11 Gurumangat Road, Gulberg -III, Lahore, Pakistan

Telephone: 042 111 777 800 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Fax: 042 3571 2027
To reach our regional offices, see section Contact Us.

Can I visit any campus of The Educators? When is the campus open to the public?
For information and advice on visiting a particular campus, please contact the campus administration & plan your visit accordingly.

Who is the Project Director of The Educators?
The Project Director of The Educators is Mr. Shahid Saeed Butt. To learn more about the Project Director, see Welcome Note by Project Director.