Our Association

We look forward to developing strong alliances with interested partners who are share our vision and have the drive, resources and the funds to be part of our Network Associates.

Joining our network as franchisee is better suited for people who are: running schools, tuition centers, are in-service or retired school teachers, retired civil military officers, expatriate Pakistani’s willing to invest in a worthy long-term venture, and property owners looking for a worthy business opportunity.

Also eligible are institutions that have schools within their set-up and existing schools willing to convert to The Educators.


Why You Should Join Us

By joining our network of associates, you are investing in a secure business venture that is yours. You partner with a well-established and respected organization with an impressive history of accomplishments and equity in the field of education.

We share with our Associates the best practices, expertise and muscle to give them an unparalleled edge over all others. We understand the many stages of setting up and running a school and have developed a system to facilitate our Associates every step of the way.

Interested parties can begin the process by submitting an application via telephone, fax, letter, email or a personal visit to our office.

Here is an overview of some of our support areas:

  • Financial guidance

  • Guidance for site selection and development

  • Active participation in optimizing construction plans

  • Sharing of academic learnings

  • Ongoing support