The Educators & WWF Pakistan


August 29, 2013. Lahore.

The Educators signed an MOU with World Wide Fund for Nature–Pakistan (WWF-Pakistan) on Thursday to spread environmental education through WWF-Pakistan’s Spellathon and Eco Internship programmes. Ali Raza, Project Director, The Educators and Anwar Naseem, Director Corporate Relations, WWF-Pakistan signed the MOU.

Spellathon is a nation-wide environment spelling competition for students from class 1 to class 9 which aims to create awareness about various environmental issues through stories and spelling tests. The programme will train 30,000 to 40,000 students from The Educators over three years. More than 125,000 students participate in the Spellathon.

Furthermore, nearly 500 students from The Educators will also be enrolled in the Eco Internship programme and take part in six day-long sessions, which will give students the opportunity to be affiliated with a global organization and create a genuine sense of civic responsibility. The Educators alliance with WWF-Pakistan’s Eco Internship programme is to raise awareness and understanding for the need to conserve, protect and manage Pakistan’s natural resources. It provides students an insight into the environmental dynamics of Pakistan, as well as challenges and solutions for environmental conservation.