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Global Dignity Day


The global dignity movement was established in 2006 by Young Global Leaders. The mission of Global Dignity is to inspire youth and adults to become their best selves and help others to achieve the same. Participants are encouraged to tell their own stories of living a dignified life and discuss how their dignity is interdependent with that of others. 'In a global world we should all be citizens. Dignity has no nationality.'

Like every year, Global Dignity Day was celebrated by campuses from all five regions celebrate Global Dignity Day. The purpose of celebrating this day is to highlight the fact that all people whether poor or rich and all occupations are bound to equal amount of respect and have the same importance. Special assembly is conducted to celebrate this day and students participate in the following activities with zeal,

  • Card Making

  • Poster Making

  • Special Assemblies

  • Role Plays

  • Dignity Day related Performances

  • Friendship band making

  • Presenting of bouquets and cards to junior staff

  • Speeches

  • Invited Children with Special needs

  • Dignity Day Walk