Online Registration

Schedule for date of interview and the admission test is announced


An oral and written test is conducted as per schedule


A child must first clear the written test before qualifying for interview(written test not applicable for pre-school)


The child and his/her parents are interviewed by the School Head(and possibly also by attending staff members)


Should the child clear admission test and interview, the admission fee invoice is to be submitted at the school to complete the admission process

Please Note: Deposit fee at the designated bank or school along with the complete registration form.

There is no written test for pre-school. The admission test for primary and secondary school is based on the following subjects and classes

The admission test is structured to fit onto one page with questions from all subjects and each paper is for 100 marks, which are spread evenly across all subjects.

No other personnel other than the designated invigilators are allowed at the time of the test. The invigilators provide guidance and support to the children during the test if required.

Age Limit

Please see details of minimum and maximum age standards defined for each class level:

Class Level Minimum Maximum
PG 2 Years 6 Months 3 Years 6 Months
Nursery 3 Years 6 Months 4 Years 6 Months
KG 4 Years 5 Years
Class I 5 Years 6 Years
Class II 6 Years 7 Years
Class III 7 Years 8 Years
Class IV 8 Years 9 Years
Class V 9 Years 10 Years
Class VI 10 Years 11 Years
Class VII 11 Years 12 Years
Class VIII 12 Years 13 Years
Class IX 13 Years 14 Years
Class X 14 Years 15 Years

Note: children who do not fall within the defined age limits can be considered for acceptance in exceptional cases.